How to get to SASMEE Park

  • SASMEE Park will open again on July 18, 2020!

    Restricted hours: 2-4pm | 1.5m social distancing | Wash your hands
    Buy your tickets online!
    Entry $7 | Yes we have EFTPOS | Please wear fully-enclosed shoes!

Where are we?
SASMEE can be accessed from either side of the Noarlunga Centre railway line. We are located at the end of SASMEE LANE (Opposite Ravensthorpe Ave)

There is no onsite parking: it is limited to members who have brought equipment on that day.
If you have special handicap access requirements please contact us.

On the southern side of SASMEE parking is available in Millswood Crescent and adjacent streets; a short walk down Sasmee Lane has you arriving at our gates.

On the northern side of the railway line parking is available on Cromer Parade and adjacent streets. SASMEE can be reached by using the railway pedestrian crossing right by SASMEE’s gate.

PLEASE NOTE: Lonsdale Terrace (just North of the Underpass) does NOT give access to SASMEE, please do not use this street.

Public Transport:
The nearest railway stations are Millswood or Clarence Park; Leave Millswood station at the Goodwood end and cross Goodwood Road via the footbridge then proceed to Millswood Terrace: leave Clarence Park station at the Goodwood end and cross East Avenue then proceed down Cromer Parade in the direction of Goodwood.

Please remember:

Our steam engines are real, and create real sparks, soot and steam.
You must wear fully-enclosed footwear – you might get dirty!

Running days

  • πŸš‚ July 18, 2020
    (1 week from now)

  • πŸš‚ August 2, 2020
    (3 weeks from now)

  • πŸš‚ August 15, 2020
    (1 month from now)


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