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  • COVID-19 Social Distancing applies to all areas of the park

    Help us to help you to stay safe! 1.5 metres social distancing
    Cover your cough! Wash your hands with soap & water! Use hand sanitiser!
    The COVIDSafe app is for your benefit and is recommended.

Buy tickets to SASMEE Park online!

Only pre-booked online tickets are available while COVID-19 restrictions remain in place:
No tickets at the gate.


  • Park entry is $9.00 for all persons over 3 years – online booking fees and charges apply
  • Children under 3 FREE
  • Unlimited train rides with park entry

Online tickets are purchased through Trybooking Event Management, please read and accept their terms and conditions as well as SASMEE terms and conditions before committing to a purchase.

Book tickets for SASMEE Running Day: August 1 4 - 2-4pm (CANCELLED)

Come play trains at SASMEE Park on Sunday August 1!
Gates open at 1:30, first trains leave the station at 2pm.

Pre-booked tickets only!
SASMEE Park, Millswood

  • Please remember:

    Our steam engines are real, and create real sparks, soot and steam.
    You must wear fully-enclosed footwear - you might get dirty!

Please read the following before making an online booking:

  • By committing to a purchase online you and your invitees accept the terms and conditions of both SASMEE and Trybooking, these terms and conditions are binding and you and your invitees absolve SASMEE and Trybooking from any liability what so ever either expressed or implied absolutely.
  • Tickets are non-refundable: There is NO β€œI changed my mind” and or β€œI have had a cancellation at the last minute” options.
  • Your tickets will be emailed to you within a few minutes after payment is received.
  • Note: Your tickets are expressly and absolutely your responsibility, please treat them as you would cash. Duplicated tickets with the same QR and or Barcode will not be accepted. The first ticket received will be honoured, all other duplicates with the same QR and or Barcode (whether that ticket is the original or not) will be rejected.
  • SASMEE accepts tickets on smartphones and or tablets as well as printed tickets
  • There are no reservations of park sites. Purchasing an online ticket allows direct access only.

Party hosts

As a group or party host, you may ask your guests to purchase their own tickets directly from Trybooking – please make sure everybody knows the correct date and time!

Alternatively, you may purchase all tickets in advance, and distribute either printed tickets or emailed versions to invitees. Remember that each ticket is unique!

If you are paying for invitees you are responsible for their tickets.

We advise leaving your purchase until early in the week of the running day so that you are sure of the total number of attendees. Extra visitors will be asked to pay at the gate, park capacity permitting. Excess tickets will not be refunded.

As a host of a group or party booking, if unexpected circumstances require you to cancel your party up to 48hrs before the run day you may make an application to SASMEE for a refund of the Park entry fee.

All tickets that you have distributed to invitees will be cancelled and you should advise your invitees that they are no longer valid.

In event of a cancellation

SASMEE Park may cancel a scheduled Running Day for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

If a patron has purchased ticket(s) to a SASMEE event, and that event has had to be closed or cancelled, SASMEE will refund the Park entry fee (less administration fees and charges) to the original purchaser via the email address and payment method used for the original purchase.

Cancelled ticket refunds may take several days to process.

SASMEE Volunteers

You are invited to SASMEE Park by the members of SASMEE. All services provided by our SASMEE volunteers are for your safety and the smooth operation of the park. You and your invitees must abide by the direction/instructions given by the Gate Keepers at the entrance, Station Master at the train station, Canteen Volunteers, the Safety Officer or any other SASMEE member.

You and your invitees are not PERMITTED to:-

  • engage in any unacceptable public behaviour on public Running Days
  • consume or be under the influence of alcohol
  • consume or be under the influence of any illicit drugs

The Safety Officer’s report of any breach may be passed to authorities for further action

SASMEE reserves the right to refuse entry.

Unforeseen events or accidents within the park must be reported to the Safety Officer.
(any SASMEE member can call the Safety Officer for you)

Reference Terms
Running Day: A day that SASMEE Park is open to the public
Ticket: An electronic facsimile of the SASMEE ticket that has a QR and barcode that is not generic.
Gate Keeper: Volunteer Member of SASMEE attending the entrance
Station Master: Volunteer Member of SASMEE attends train stations.
Safety Officer: Volunteer Member of SASMEE administering safety issues

Running days

  • πŸš‚ August 1, 2021
    (4 days from now)

  • πŸš‚ August 21, 2021
    (3 weeks from now)

  • πŸš‚ September 5, 2021
    (1 month from now)


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