Contact SASMEE

Please do not contact us in regards to the weather forecast!
If we are to cancel an open day due to weather it will be advertised on our homepage and Facebook.

Call: (08) 7123 6423

Postal address
P. O. Box 208

  • COVID-19 Social Distancing applies to all areas of the park

    Help us to help you to stay safe! 1.5 metres social distancing
    Cover your cough! Wash your hands with soap & water! Use hand sanitiser!
    The COVIDSafe app is for your benefit and is recommended.

Running days

  • 🚂 October 31, 2020
    (12 hours from now)

  • 🚂 October 31, 2020
    (17 hours from now)

  • 🚂 November 1, 2020
    (2 days from now)


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  • All aboard for SASMEE Park’s monthly Saturday event, we can’t get enough of this place (have we made that too obvious)?! Tickets still available so jump online and grab yours for unlimited train rides with the family! We’d love to know do your kids love SASMEE as much as ours?
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